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Australia’s own Internationally renown Mantra Artists Sacred Earth (Penny & Jethro Williams)


Uplifting. Expansive. Music from the heart. Ancient Mantra's, soaring flutes, beautiful soothing melodies & harmonies that transport you to a state of deep peaceful bliss.  Penny & Jethro travel the world with the intention to share music that touches the heart of the listener in the deepest place and to offer a space in which we can all listen deeply to the wisdom of our hearts and remember our purpose on this beautiful earth.


Having sold more than a quarter of a million albums, they’re Australia’s top-selling artists in the ambient music genre.

Anyone who’s ever experienced Sacred Earth perform live knows it’s something special. It’s more than just an ambient music concert – it’s an

exceptionally moving event. Tears flow, smiles spread and a profound sense of peace pervades the entire space. It’s a rare occurrence in today’s stressful society, which is why Sacred Earth’s concerts are often sold out. People return again and again to be transported back to that place of tranquillity, to feel a connectedness with the deepest aspects of the self and all things through the expansive nature of the music.


Sacred Earth’s music truly is like balm for the spirit.


Sacred Earth have lead the way for sacred music within Australia. The production and presentation of their albums is world class and upheld by their professional & breathtakingly beautiful live performance.


“When we gather together under the banner of peace and share our hearts through the vehicle of sacred music all concepts fall away, all that is left in that space is silence. It is in this silence that we can truly hear the song of our own heart singing in unison with all of creation.”


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