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Journey Into Stillness

An 18-week course exploring the inner life through Yoga, Meditation, Mantra & mindfulness practises


A one-day retreat every week for 18 weeks. ​Bring more stillness and less stress into every day living through these simple and easily accessible practices.

Learn new ways to meet everyday challenges, and develop a deeper relationship with your inner life, learning how to live life from the inside out.

Meditation, Yoga, Chi Kung, Mantra Singing, Intention Setting, Mindfulness Practices, Community Connection, Deep Relaxation and a deeper sense of purpose.

February 8 - June 6 - 2024 (18 weeks every Thursday)

Venue: Verrierdale - Sunshine Coast QLD

Time : 9.30am - 3.30pm

What to Bring

water bottle

yoga mat

comfortable modest clothing

meditation cushion

your own plate, bowl, cup & cutlery 

morning tea & vegetarian lunch to share (or 


Cost $1800 (Payment Plans available on request)

418-Sacred-Earth-20161028 copy 2.jpg

For more than 20 years, Jethro and Penny have been playing the music of Sacred Earth and have devoted their life to the internal practices of meditation, Chi Gong, Yoga and Mantra singing and how to integrate this deeper awareness into daily life. These contemplative practices help to nourish our relationship with our inner life and guide us towards a more peaceful life. 

Being on retreat with Sacred Earth is a direct extension of the life that has inspired the music of Sacred Earth. Living life from the inside out and exploring the practices that nourish and inspire our way of life. Every person's life is an everyday, moment-to-moment journey, and we all need tools to navigate the hills and valleys that are an inevitable part of this journey. On retreat, we bring practices and tools that all people can easily integrate into daily life, focusing on bringing more Stillness, presence, and celebration into our daily lives.


Explore Yoga, Meditation, Mantra singing, chanting, mantra study, ceremony, intention setting, positive living, cultivating daily practice, freedom of expression, truth-speaking and seeking, silence, fire ceremony, silent walking meditation, guided presence meditation, deep discussion on the nature of the mind, connecting to our life purpose, laughter, devotion, connection, community, service, contentment, fulfilment, dedication. 

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